Academic Meeting of Fleet Enema was Held Successfully in Hangzhou Yuhang People’

On Jan. 7th, 2016, academic meeting of Fleet Enema was held successfully in Hangzhou Yuhang People’s Hospital by China Pioneer Pharma. Nursing department director of Yuhang people's hospital Ms. Zhu and some staff from other departments, totally 275 people, are invited to attend this meeting. Ms. Qu Lei, the manager of China Pioneer Pharma, made a detailed presentation of Fleet Enema (Phosphate Sodium Rectal Solution). Combining with clinical cases and the effect, Ms. Zhu gave fully recognition and affirmation to Fleet Enema. After the meeting, all the attendants discussed intensely about product clinical experiences. Ms Zhu said that it’s important to attend this kind of academic meeting and  China Pioneer Pharma is always welcome to come for academic communication.