Health Education Promotion at Grass-roots Level Conference in Haikou in 2019

TheHealth Education on Pain Diseases and Common Diseases at Grass-roots levelconference organized by Haikou Medical Association and co-organized by China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Limited was successfully held in Baofa Shengyi Hotel on April 27th. Nearly 140 doctors from grass-roots community hospitals, village health centers and clinics in Haikou participated in the conference. The content of this conference mainly includes four aspects: Management of Pain Drugs in Grass-roots Hospitals, Strength shoulder, Low back and Leg pain-- Disc Degenerative diseases, Discussion on Constipation Treatment in Grass-roots Hospitals and Treatment of Inflammatory Infection in Gynecology. The conference also invited Huang Tao, Deputy Director of Spinal Osteopathy Surgery, First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College. Director Huang poured his passion in the lecture. The lecture of combining theory with practice has made the doctors present a lot of achievements and praise.The conference is also a series of health education promotion activities in Haikou, after the Xiantao Conference in Hubei Province, the second stop of the Pain & Digestion Department of China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Co., Ltd. ,aiming at promoting the level of pain diagnosis and treatment in grass-roots medical institutions.